Bus Routes / Schedule bus
The high school bus run will begin at approximately 7 am.  The elementary bus run will begin at approximately 7:40 a.m. The middle school bus run will begin at approximately 8:10 a.m.  While there will be a few new bus stops this year, most bus stops will remain at the same locations used last year.  Undoubtedly, there will have to be minor changes given grade changes, new students and any overcrowding that may develop in a given elementary school.  Students will receive notice if there is to be a change in a route or change in their bus stop.  
Please have your children at the bus stop five minutes early for the bus stop. Each school office has a bus route schedule if you have specific questions.

Schedules will be available at each school's open house before school starts.

During the school year, the Transportation Department will have a hot line identifying all bus routes that are not on schedule. The phone number for the hot line is 769-6313.  

Below are .pdf files of the bus routes. Click on one to download: