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Clarkston High School
401 Chestnut Street
Clarkston, WA  99403

The building and grounds of the Clarkston School District are primarily for public school purposes, which include all activities of the school involved in carrying out its programs.  No other use shall be permitted to interfere with the primary purpose for which these buildings and grounds are intended.

The District may permit the use of facilities for non-school purposes.  Links in this section include:

     •  Application for use of School Facilities

     •  Facility Lease and Indemnification Agreement

     •  Billing Use Form: Performing Arts Auditorium

     •  Rental Rates Information: Performing Arts Auditorium

Please review the Rules and Regulations for Use of Clarkston School Facilities included with the Application for Use of School Facilities.

General information:  Seating capacity for the CHS Auditorium is 892, plus four spots for wheelchairs.
Last Modified on June 25, 2014