Monday November 1st  

TODAY'S Lunch:  Hot Dog On A Bun, Baked Beans, Broccoli Florets, Plum Halves
Tuesday's Lunch: Spaghetti w/ meat sauce, Green Beans, Chilled Peaches, Baked Breadstick
NO SCHOOL NOVEMBER 11TH- Veterans Day!!  
LMS Basketball Varsity:
8th Grade Varsity Basketball
  • Aidan Kingsborogh 
  •  Nathan Greer
  •  James Brume
  •  Austin Roueche
  •  Bryce Haddock
  •  Taylor Garrett
  •  Justin Lupinacci
  •  Dillon Olszewski
  •  Jordan Armstrong
  •  Ryan Hines
7th Grade Varsity Basketball
  • Kaeden Frazier
  • Jace Wessels
  • Max Johnson
  • Jerett Armstrong
  • Alex Italia
  • Nate Hoffman
  • Andrew Reader
  • Dresden Perry
  • Eliot Davis
  • Justin Spencer

Please stop by the office and check out all the information on the table!

If you are absent from school please make sure your parents call and excuse your absence.  


1. Please place backpacks and binders on shelves in the cafeteria, do not throw them in the doorways. This is a safety issue.

2. Students should not be on campus until 8:30 daily, unless they have morning practice or are attending the math lab.

October is Disability History Awareness Month. In honor of this, we will be celebrating the progress that has been made in history regarding disabilities. Our library will have a nice selection of books about disability awareness. Outside the counseling center there will be a pledge you can choose to sign promising to look at people with disabilities as People First. The pledge is a promise to not use the R word or words like: idiot, spastic, stupid and so on. We will also have a special guest interview with one of our amazing staff members. Thank you for helping us celebrate!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Russell Hochrein, Samuel Shaw!

















































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