Thursday, April 17th

Today's Lunch:  bbq turkey sandwich, creamy coleslaw, corn on the cob, orange wedge and milk choices.

Friday's Breakfast: cook's choice, cereal, fruit and milk choices.
Friday's Lunch: popcorn chicken, veggie tray, apple slices, cookie and milk choices.


Just a heads up for students who walk home after school or to a  friends house. Trespassing or cutting through someone's yard, & or opening mailboxes is illegal.
If you are absent/tardy from school please make sure that your parents call the school or send a note to excuse your absence/tardy.
Please remember that you need a pass to come to the counseling center.  It protects you and lets me know that your teacher knows where you are that hour. Also, if I am with a student you need to come back at another time, please do not just come in Anyways. Respect other people’s time in the counseling center. 
1. Please place backpacks and binders on shelves in the cafeteria, do not throw them in the doorways. This is a safety issue.
2.  Students should not be on campus until 8:30 daily, unless they have morning practice or are attending the math lab.

Happy Birthday: Ben Bunce,Devon Anderson,Quincy Peace,Orion Smith, Kaitlin Combs,Eryka Smith, Joseph Bennet, Raelene Hjelm, JoJo Swan




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