FACILITIES (Maintenance and Custodial Services)
                              1001 6th Street - MAILING/OFFICE ADDRESS
                                 1281 Sycamore St - DELIVERIES ONLY
                                          Clarkston, WA 99403

David Jagannath      Director:    

     David Jagannath      
      509-769-5525 - Office
      509-751-6606 - Cell
 Office Manager:                                                

            Kay Brouse                                  

            509-769-6349 - Office
            509-780-7093 - Cell Yellow Rose
            509-758-3283 - FAX
 To submit a work order to the Maintenance Dept you must first contact your building administrator.  To access the Maint Help Desk, submit a work order or check on the status of an existing work order ...click the link below.  If you have any questions on a work order or the process please contact Kay Brouse in district ext.: 5196  - Office 769-6349


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