Requisition Entry Instructions

Program Code Sheet

Procedure for approvals and receiving a purchase order are as follows:
1.     Requisitions are entered by the person requesting the purchase. Enter requisition and submit for approval.
2.  Requisition is approved from your building by your administrator and department head, if applicable.
3.  If your purchase is computer related, you must include whose computer the purchase is for.  The requisition will also be approved by the Technology Manager. This will automatically be sent when you use the code that identifies computer supply.  For purchases of Apple products, a written explanation must be submitted to the Purchasing Department along with the requisition to substantiate why an Apple product is needed over other technology options available.
4.  Purchasing department at the District office will approve the requisition after the above approvals have been made.  Requisitions are approved once a day by 4pm.
5.  The final approval is made the following day by 8:30 am.
6.  Purchase orders will be printed and issued that morning, in time to be distributed in the District mail.  If you require that the purchase order be mailed or faxed, those instruction must be indicated when you enter the requisition, in the narrative notes.  Purchase orders required to be mailed or faxed will be promptly done from the District office, and the copy sent to the building secretary or bookkeeper will be stamped and dated as proof.  A copy should then be given to the person who requested the purchase order in a timely manner, so they can confirm the status, or place their order.
If you have any questions, please call Chelsea at 769-6190 or Ext. 5343. 
Last Modified on March 3, 2015