Core/Flex Bell Schedule

Core/Flex PLC Schedule

CORE-Counting On Reaching Excellence

One of the big changes we’re implementing this year is the addition of our CORE/FLEX Program.  This program is aimed at reducing failure and increasing success for all students.  CORE actually stands for Counting On Reaching Excellence.  This program is designed as a support structure for any student with D or F grades (previous semester or current).  Last year we had well over one-third of our student body carrying D or F grades on their transcripts.  That is unacceptable and needed to be changed.  In response, we are refusing to let students fail and will do anything we can on our part to ensure their success. 

The expectation is that students will stay caught up on all their assignments.  They will use CORE/FLEX time to do this.  Any students with a record of low achievement have been assigned into a CORE class.  These students get assigned to a teacher for an additional period of time during the day for instructional support and tutoring.  They are also exposed to peer tutoring and mentoring.  CORE students get bombarded with support and encouragement.  They also have the added incentive of working hard to improve their grades and move into Flex status.

What does it mean to be a Flex student?  Flex students have demonstrated achievement of C grades and higher.  They have earned the responsibility to use the extra time on campus to meet their own needs.  Many Flex students are accessing teachers on campus for additional help, meeting in small groups, sitting in seminars, studying or simply giving their brains a rest.  Flex means they have the flexibility to make their own choices with this extra time.  However, just like the Core students, these students are motivated to maintain their good grades or risk being placed back into a CORE class.  Students will move in and out of CORE/FLEX every 3 weeks.

Research told us that time as an incentive and reward for students serves as a great motivator for increased success for all students.  Students who understand this program seem very motivated to improve their success for this upcoming year.