Tuesday, January 27th

Todays Lunch: Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce, Green Beans, Chilled Peaches, Fresh Baked Breadstick and Milk Choices

If you are absent from school please make sure your parents call and excuse your absence.  

Please stop by the office and check out all the information and activities on the table! 


1. Please place backpacks and binders on shelves in the cafeteria, do not throw them in the doorways. This is a safety issue.

2. Students should not be on campus until 8:30 daily, unless they have morning practice or are attending the math lab.

Snow rules:

Snow needs to be left on ground. No  throwing snow or snowball fights.

Students who get wet from snow will not be allowed to change.


 Happy Birthday: Tyler Jones and Emerson Snyder


























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