Cornell Note Links:

Homework Help Links
Online GamesHistory 
  1. Cyberkidz educational games - free resources for schools math topography geography literacy language education entertainment.

  1. American Revolution
  2. Top 100 American Speeches
  3. HippoCampus US History
  4. US State Learning Games
  5. US State Learning Games State
  6. Which founder are you most like?
  7. Center for Civic Education Podcast
  1. Math and Science
  2. CMP Math Site
  1. Audiobooks for Ipad, Iphone, Itunes
General Homework Help
  1. Science-12 Things that will change everything.
  2. Interactive explains the causes of the four seasons.
  1. StudyJams
  2. Read me resources
 Art Other
  • Drawing: How to Draw- Several drawing tutorials.
  • Digital Storytelling Resources and Ideas Wiki- Find several ideas for claymation, stop motion, and other films.
  • Animata- Free software for editing and creating brilliant animation films.
  • Onemotion- Sketch and paint on a canvas with many tools, play games, or make music on the drum machine.
  • Odosketch- Fantastic and easy tool for students to create detailed sketches.
  • Slimber- Draw on this canvas, choose the background color and the dimensions. The best drawings are featured on the front of the website so gives the students some incentives.
  • Artpad- Similar to Canvastic where students paint and can playback. However, you can select frames and this has a nicer look. Also has an iPad app.
  • Canvastic- An easy tool for students to paint. Students are able to playback how they painted their masterpiece.
  • Rate My Drawing- Nice chat and collaborative drawing feature. You can also draw on a sketch pad which is animated. Huge community of artists that share their work.
  • Sketchcast- Students can draw in several different colors, add text, narrate the drawing, and embed it into a wiki or blog.
  • Doink- Students create free animation videos.
  1. Internet Safety and You
  2. Helpful Library Tutorials
  3. Learn Computer Programing
  4. Cooltoolsforschools - home
  5. Stop Bullying Now
  6. General Help Links for all Subjects
  7. Links for Technology Help
  8. Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites

 Computer Coding
  1. Bibme- A simple bibliography maker
  1. Learn to code Codecademy
  2. CodingBat