Math Curriculum

Welcome to the CSD math curriculum resources site!  We hope these resources gathered into one easy to access place will allow you to easily find the help or resource you need.
They are organized into 5 sections:

  • District Protocols

  • Accounts

  • K-12 Core Math Materials

  • District Resources

  • Notable Math Links

CSD Common Assessment Improvement Protocol 

K-6 math teachers, if you or your team are interested in changing your DMTI common assessment, use this district protocol for completing this task. The protocol is found at this link: 
Common Assessment Protocol

CSD Collaboration Protocol
This is just one of many collaboration protocols that a team can use to plan instruction based on student work or data.  In 2018/19, K-6 district grade-level teams will use this protocol when collaborating around a common enriched math task.  The protocol is found at this link:  
CSD Collaboration Protocol

DMTI Login

Use this link to go to the DMTI login page: 
DMTI Login Page. If you are having trouble logging in, select the link that says "if you have not received an email, or do no know what your password is, then click this link: Login Information Reset and enter your school email address.

First time Number Corner user?
If you are logging into the Number Corner for the first time, please use this link: Number Corner Registration and enter authorization code clark76121.

Number Corner LoginNumber corner is a K-5 supplemental math resource that includes calendar, number strings, and data collection.  There are many great ideas and resources for Number Corner here.  Also, if you lose a game piece or card, you can reprint these from this site.  Use this link to go to the Number Corner login page:  Number Corner Login Page

Zearn Login
Our district invites teachers to use Zearn as a supplemental math instruction and practice resource for K-5 when needed.  Zearn is a free program and creating an account is quick and simple.  Instructions for creating your account can be found by clicking on the following link: 
Creating a Zearn Math Account.

Primary Math Assessment (PMA)
Use this link to access the login page for teachers to administer the PMA to K-2 students: Primary Math Assessment page. Teachers give the assessment to students one-on-one. Administrators also access their building-level accounts here.  Students do not login for the assessment. 

Developing Mathematical Thinking (DMT)

DMT is the district adopted K-6 core math curriculum. The 5 key elements of this program are summarized here in the graphic and are interwoven throughout their materials and professional development sessions:


Have a question for DMTI?
DMTI encourages teachers to reach out with questions about standards, lessons, and assessments at any time.  Please be sure to include your grade level and any specific lesson or unit information relevant to your question.  You will usually receive a response within 24 hours.  Send your email to Jonathan Brenderfur at DMT at

DMT Lesson to Standards Alignment
Use this document to see what CCSS standards align to the lesson you are teaching.  It was updated last in April 2018: DMTI Modules - Standards addressed

DMT Assessment to Standards to Report Cards Alignment
These are living documents that show how the DMT lessons align to the CCSS standards as well as the CSD report cards.  They are in a different stage of completion depending on the grade level.  These are stored on the District Grade-Level Team Drives (Google) and access is granted through the Math Cadre Teacher Leader for your grade level:
K - Lynnae Anderson, Grantham
1st - Sophie Everett, Highland
2nd - Emily Boyer, Parkway
3rd - Barb Graham, Heights
4th - Jan Baune, Highland
5th - Crystal Harris, Grantham
6th - Jackie Allen, Highland

Math Techbook
Math Techbook is our adopted curriculum in 7th and 8th grade.  It utilizes an entirely digital platform where students access their text online with district Chromebooks.

Carnegie 2018
Carnegie 2018 is the district adopted high school core curriculum for Algebra 1, Geometry, and traditional Algebra2.


DMTI Support Documents
There are various support documents to help make your work in teaching DMTI easier, including a document aligning the standards to each lesson in the module: 
DMTI Support Documents

DMTI Video Library
Visit this folder of DMTI videos that were collected from the beginning of DMTI trainings in Clarkston.  You must be signed into your CSD Google account to view these videos in order to protect the privacy of CSD students and staff: DMTI Video Library

Training Documents
In this folder you will find documents that were shared by DMTI at the various trainings they have facilitated in Clarkston:  Training Documents

Number Corner Resources
Visit this link to find a variety of number corner resources that have been shared with our district: Number Corner Resources