Clarkston Chat! Buzz

Clarkston Chat! Weekly Buzz – Week of 12/6-10/2021

Q:  Will you please add the updated bus routes?
A:  Yes. The information will be added and posted early next week.

Q:  Is it possible to add the dining option on the district page?
A:  Done. Displayed is the elementary and middle school menu. The high school’s menu can be found at: 

Q:  Can you add the monthly lunch menu button?
A:  Yes. Each campus has a dining option (breakfast and lunch menu) posted on their homepage. We are working on adding an area where you can access the monthly menu at a glance.

 Comment:  Thank you for thinking about the end user. I will spend more time looking at all of the pages but what I have seen so far is impressive and appreciated.
Response: Thank you. We are working hard to make it great. 

Comment:  The website looks great, but it appears that there are pictures of students and classrooms that are not from the Clarkston School District when you hit some tabs. This was the case with the old website too. This takes away from the website and its authenticity.
Response: We appreciate your feedback. This is something we may revisit in the future. Please keep checking back.