Clarkston Chat

Today marks the fourth of five news articles (Monday - Friday) in five days showcasing some new features on our new website. The next element we want to explain is the chat feature.   

The Clarkston Chat icon is on the far right of the front page of your school’s landing page and school picture. When this button is clicked, users will be taken to the main district’s chat page. The Clarkston Chat page contains a survey tool that gathers data that we read on a daily basis. The chat feature came from research done on award winning websites. The survey will ask what type of feedback stakeholders want to share (i.e., question, comment, compliment, concern, and idea), and from whom the feedback is coming (i.e., student, parent, educator, or community member). The last piece of information is whether or not the person giving the feedback wants to give their name for follow up or not.

We are very excited about this part of the new website. We want to hear from you—our users and stakeholders. We are interested in improvement and this is one way we hope our community will find helpful. 

Please check out the chat feature and let us know what you think by using the Clarkston Chat link on the website, or here ( As you look through our website, please let us know what is missing and what you can’t find. We may be able to add that link to the section you are in, or point you to the place we felt it fit best. 
Thank you!