Lee Cockerell

Upcoming keynote speaker, Lee Cockerell, gives us a sneak peek at how we can create and scale a great culture.

"YOU scale it one interaction at a time,  one minute at a time, one hour at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time, one team at a time, one department at a time. You get the top leadership excited about the ROI of a world-class culture and how it serves the customers, the employees, their families, the patients, and anyone else involved in saving lives, plus it increases your profit, lowers turnover, increases pride, commitment and loyalty, it improves health, productivity, creativity, focus, attention to detail and reduces mistakes. It improves all relationships and reputations with the world at large.

YOU scale it in all of your communication, all of your meetings, all of your interviewing and hiring, through role-modeling, through emotional story-telling, and clear communication through feedback, and through appreciation, recognition, and encouragement.  

YOU never finish as cultures are fragile because humans are fragile. You don’t implement culture as it is not a program, it is an individual feeling of pride and trust, multiplied by many who know they are doing their best every day to work together to achieve something important and meaningful. Culture is like fresh air, you can’t see it or touch it, but you know it’s there and it is always your most important immediate need. The main ingredients are truth and trust. Culture is who you are, not what you do. 

 Have a magical day everybody and create a magical day for somebody...Lee"

Mark your calendars for one of the free, public events where Mr. Cockerell will share how we can all "Create Magic" in the Lewis-Clark Valley through partnerships, development, and leadership. More information about this exciting opportunity can be found at https://www.BuildingBrighterFutures.info.