National School Psychology Week Poster

National School Psychology Week 2022

During the week of November 7-11, 2022, schools throughout the country are celebrating National School Psychology Week (NSPW) to highlight the important work school psychologists do to help students thrive.

This year's theme, "Together We Shine" is derived from how we see hope after several challenging years. We have all faced difficulties created by the pandemic, social injustice and inequity, economic stress, and challenges to mental and physical health. For some, it has been a time of real darkness, and finding light is critical to building resilience and hope.

Though each of us has our own inner light-the strengths and attributes that shape our capabilities and dreams when we bring together our ideas and actions to uplift each other-we shine even brighter together, both as individuals and as a community. Feelings of isolation and disconnection have been challenging these past 2 years. Reconnecting with others and re-establishing the sense of being valued parts of a greater whole empowers students and adults to find purpose and possibility.

Our hope is to connect with students and staff to highlight how each person's contribution to the collective can lead us forward. Just as we continue developing individually and with our own skills through collaboration and with support from others, we in turn can help others foster resilience and support those who need it. This is especially important for those who are or who feel marginalized, unrecognized, or at risk.

Indeed, working together we shine hope and healing among our communities, schools, families, students, and colleagues. Together we shine light on setting goals for well-being, growth, and learning. We engage in action steps, advocate for needs, and raise our voices in discussions to create the connections necessary for students to develop critical academic and social-emotional skills. School psychologists are particularly skilled at assisting students and staff in thriving and working together, whatever the circumstances.

Clarkston School District celebrates and honors the hard work of our school psychologists. We thank you for your support and commitment to our district and families.