It’s finally here! After many months of waiting, the Anatomage table for our high school science classes is here. Thanks again for our community passing the capital projects Levy in 2019. The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced 3D anatomy visualization and virtual dissection tool for anatomy and physiology education and is being adopted by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions. It has been featured in the TEDTalks Conference, PBS, Fuji TV, and numerous other journals for its innovative approach to digital anatomy presentation.
7 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
anatomage too
Snow Day Make-Up -- Last night, the Clarkston School District Board of Directors adopted the attached 2021-2022 amended district calendar showing April 22 as an early release day to make up the January 6 snow day.
8 months ago, Keri Myklebust
Amended 2021-2022 District Calendar
Dear Clarkston Community, On behalf of all of the educators and board members of the Clarkston School District, we want to say thank you for supporting our schools on February 8, 2022 with the passage of the levy! We are committed to doing our best to serve you and our students. Clarkston is the best! --Thaynan Knowlton, Superintendent
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Thank you!
In Mrs. Denton’s accounting class students learn basic accounting procedures and practices. She also helps students pass Microsoft certifications. Some of our students are overachievers and max out all the tests. Our HS is awesome!
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
class and students
wall of certs
certifications 1
It’s the 100th day of school! The day 100 is a big celebration in our elementary schools. We count to 100, we color 100 things, we glue 100 things, we love the number 100.
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
100 days!
Buses On Snow Routes -- All schools in the Clarkston School District plan to open on time today, Thursday, February 3, 2022. Buses will be running snow routes.
8 months ago, Keri Myklebust
Today I rode the bus with some kindergarteners. (Most of them can't be seen in the picture because they are so little!) We are truly thankful for our bus drivers. They essentially serve a classroom of students, sometimes in the dark, in wintery conditions, and always while driving. Although we never have enough drivers (or substitute drivers) to consistently cover all the routes everyday, throughout the year, we are always grateful for what they do. If you, or anyone you know would like to drive bus, please call us. We need you too!
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Bus Aide
Bus washing
Bus Route 20 Cancelled for Monday, January 31, 2022 -- Families, due to a shortage in staffing, bus Route 20 is cancelled for Monday, January 31, 2022. A list of bus routes can be found on the district's transportation page at:
8 months ago, Keri Myklebust
Image of school bus
This is Golden Throne week at Clarkston High School! We have some spirited students who participated in a really fun week of preparation for the big game. One of the events was an "anything but a backpack" day where students had to carry their books and gear in whatever they could find--as long as it was not a backpack.
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Students 2
Wilson and Student
More Students
Kindergartners study the effects of mold on a pumpkin. Their conversation around this topic was both age appropriate, scientific, and entertaining. Our educators are always prepared for the unexpected and are great examples of patience. Thanks Clarkston educators!
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Pumpkin Mold
Classroom Discussion
First graders can read and write! Young children at school learn to read and write, often using their craft skills. Here are some pictures of some of our students at Grantham Elementary. Great job!
8 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Finger space writing
Cutting and writing
IMPORTANT BUS ROUTE INFORMATION This is a very important announcement from the Clarkston School District only for families who have students on bus Routes 10, 13, or 20. We learned this afternoon that students on Routes 10 and 13 were potentially exposed last week to COVID-19 and are considered close contacts. These students cannot attend school tomorrow and need to quarantine. If your student is not showing symptoms, they can return to school on January 18. Due to the shortage of bus drivers, Route 20 will not have busing services next week, so families will need to make other arrangements for transportation. All other bus routes will continue as regularly scheduled. We understand the inconvenience. Please check back daily for any updates.
9 months ago, Keri Myklebust
School is Canceled for Thursday, January 6 - Due to the inclement weather and unfavorable road conditions, the Clarkston School District is canceling school today, Thursday, January 6, 2022.
9 months ago, Keri Myklebust
While staff and students were away from Grantham over the break, construction workers continued with the installation of new heating units and ductwork in each classroom. The project is set to be done in a couple more months. This work is being funded with federal dollars. We should have warmer classrooms and halls in the winter and a cooler building in the summer.
9 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
New Heating
This break we have been busy with several construction projects in the district. At Parkway we have new carpet, concrete, and some trench and plumbing work at the entrance of the school. Thank you to all who work when students are away.
9 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Old Carpet
New Carpet
This morning, at our Grantham campus, the upperclassmen performed Jingle Bells. It was awesome. The students quietly waited for the first note, and we all applauded wildly when the song was over. It was the only song and lasted just a few seconds, but it was fantastic. Get ready Lincoln Middle School for a group of talented musicians headed your way soon!
10 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Grantham Concert
Grantham Students
Grantham classes
Clarkston Families, Today we became aware of a TikTok post that has been shared widely throughout schools across the country. The post refers to a threat to school safety “for every school in the USA, even elementary,” on Friday, December 17. Locally, we have not received any threats credible, actionable, or otherwise. However, we wanted you to know that CSD is aware of the message over TikTok and has made appropriate accommodations to deal with it. We have alerted our educators, teachers, staff and others, including the local police department. The Clarkston Police department will have additional patrols ready and are aware of the situation. Thank you.
10 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Younger students at Highland prepare to return to their classes from recess. There is always a little last minute business to conduct. Nothing too serious, but just the typical, "remember to keep your hands to yourself," and "please do not tell someone else to kiss someone else."
10 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Highland Recess
Recess 2
The concert tonight for LMS was absolutely fantastic! Many thanks to our supportive parents and the director, Mrs. Cornia. The music and atmosphere was awesome.
10 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
LMS Band 2
LMS Band1
LMS Choir
Lincoln Middle School is full of talented and dedicated educators. We also have some fantastic students. This morning the students had a few minutes to walk around the halls and contribute to the penny drive. I even ran into the principal, Mike (Father Christmas) Sperry.
10 months ago, Thaynan Knowlton
Father Christmas
Penny drive2
Penny drive1
Penny drive3